Settling in with your little ball of ‘fur and purr’

The feline species is one of the most reserved and misunderstood animals in the world. Although cats have been worshipped and revered in many ancient civilizations, over the years their distant nature has made many people dislike them or associate them with bad omen. Now if you are a cat lover and own a cat, you will know how very untrue these allegations are. But if you are just about to settle down with your very first kitty, you had better get your facts straight first. There is a lot of cat related information you can read on sites like and it is a good idea to read as much as possible before you start taking care of your cat.

Be the best cat mom in the world

As a cat parent, you will have to know all about how your cat expresses its desires and problems to you. Cats are silent creatures and rarely make a ruckus in the house. So, when they do, you should know that something is seriously wrong with them. Also, cats like to have free access to each and every corner of your house. Restricting their freedom will lead to an unhappy cat. It is also important to know more about the specific food habits of your cat since different breeds of cats have different likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Of course, the common favorite is always fish but some cats can also be fond of other meats like ham etc. So, try to gather as much knowledge as you can from various cat related blogs that are available online. You will get more information about your cat’s breed on sites such as

Look out for symptoms

Cats do not fall ill very easily but they can occasionally come down with a respiratory tract infection or worms. So, keep a check on your cat’s poop as well because that can give you an idea about its health condition.