Adverse Effects OfKratom Drug

As you all know that Kratomemporium is spread in Southeast Asia. It is majorly found in Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia and we can purchase it from internet. We all know the good effect of Kratom like relief pain, enhance mood, etc. But we do not know the adverse effect of Kratom. Now I will tell u about the adverse effects of Kratom Drug.

Harmful effects of Kratom be careful

The greatest risk by taking Kratomis falling asleep. If you take Kratom than make sure that after for 5 – 6 hours you would not do anything because you fall asleep and it is hazardous to your health. Side effects of Kratom are contracted pupils blushing. It also cause anxiety and agitation. Taking excess amount of Kratomcause loss in appetite, nausea and excess of urine. You look become pale.


If u take high dosage of Kratom on regular basis than you can go through many health problems like sweating, dry mouth, tremor, weight loss, anorexia, insomnia, hypertension, etc. If you do not stop from taking of high dosage of Kratomthan it can cause to death. Overdose of Kratomis poison for our body. So those who want to takeKratomfor pain relief and enhance their mood firstly please consult with doctor otherwise it may hazardous to your health.

Legal status of Kratom

As u all know it is found in Southeast Asia. But you don’t know important information about Kratom. Kratomwas banned in Thailand in 1943 because some people purchase it illegally and ignoring the laws and customs made by Thailand government. Some purchaser do mixing in Kratom drugs to make more profits. It  contains less Kratomand a less expensive substance. So be careful.